Legendary Louisiana BBQ

TJ Ribs is the Baton Rouge BBQ haven and a hub for all things LSU. For over two decades, we’ve served up award-winning baby back ribs with all the fixin’s to our beloved community. Nothing but the best–Geaux Tigers!

Our History

In the late 1980s, founder TJ Moran decided Baton Rouge needed the kind of rib joint that would redefine Louisiana BBQ. While other restaurants were dishing up standard issue spare ribs, Mr. Moran decided to serve baby back ribs, something unique at the time. Our famous recipe slowly emerged: a delicate combination of dry rubbing, marinating, roasting, cooling, and a few other time-tested, home-kitchen secrets.

LSU sports history at TJ RibsMr. Moran also wanted to create a place for LSU Tiger fans with something more than posters or store bought jerseys for decor. He wanted to showcase an impressive display of LSU memorabilia so that fans could be really surrounded by LSU’s history and greatness. Some of the notable items Mr. Moran has acquired for the collection are our revered Billy Cannon’s 1959 Heisman trophy, extensive Pistol Pete Maravich photos, numerous LSU Championship baseball features, and a priceless photo of Shaquille O’Neil holding Dale Brown in his arms.

After more than two decades, Mr. Moran’s founding ideas remain unchanged: provide the kind of food that excites people and the kind of atmosphere where Tigers can celebrate. TJ Ribs remains passionate and dedicated to ensure every guest has an unbeatable experience. Depend on TJ Ribs to provide the best: decade after decade.