Menu Spotlight: The Legend

When you think of legends, maybe your mind goes to Billy Cannon, Shaquille O’Neal, or maybe even Pleasant Hall at LSU. But at TJ Ribs, when we say The Legend, we mean MEAT.

The Platter

When you order The Legend what you get is:

-1 full rack of beef ribs
-1 order of Fulton St. ribs
-1/2 BBQ chicken
-8oz of brisket
-2 sausage links
-5 chicken wings
-an order of chimichangas
-a bowl of red beans

That’s a lot of really good food. In fact, it’s a collection of the food that makes TJ Ribs renowned. Rory Sandoval, Director of Restaurant Operations, says, “The Legend Platter is an expression of all the things that TJ Ribs does best. In a portion that only a Legend could conquer.” Calling Shaq!

The ChallengeTJ-ribs-legend-social-square

Are you up to it? TJ Ribs is throwing down the gauntlet. If you can finish The Legend Platter by yourself, TJ Ribs will pay for your meal!

To be eligible to win, a single customer must finish the meal in one sitting. No help. You can take as long as you like, but before you go you’ll need to clean your plate!

The Buzz

At TJ Ribs Acadian, GM Ashley Everett relates that a handful have been ordered. “It’s been a great addition to the menu. It’s super fun to watch it leave the kitchen and watch everyone’s face as it passes by. They can’t believe how big it is!”

At TJ Ribs Seigen, though a few Legends have been served for parties, only one person has actually had the gumption to attempt the challenge on his own. “He came up miserably short, by the way,” reports GM Kevin Francis with a laugh. “While we have sold Legends for people to split, TJ Ribs has a serious food challenge here! Every time we have an order for one, the staff gets excited…WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO CONQUER IT???”

Join us to find out if you have what it takes to beat The Legend!


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