Help TJ Ribs Geaux Pink

October is a busy month at TJ Ribs. Being all sports, all the time means our schedules are packed with events and our TV’s are constantly being flipped from one channel to the next.  But in October there is one thing bigger than any sport — Breast Cancer Awareness.  And so this year we geaux-ing pink!  Our staff will be sporting pink gear and some our menu items are specifically supporting the funding.

We are excited to partner up with such a wonderful organization to become a real impact on all those affected by such a devastating disease.

On October 10th TJ Ribs will donate 10% to support Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Geaux Pink program. Representatives from the organization will be at restaurants all day on the 10th. They will be walking around, talking to guests, telling their stories and asking for donations. By joining forces with this organization and helping out Geaux Pink, we are helping make an impact in our communities and supporting people in need.

Even our menu will be supporting the fundraising efforts for the month of October. With every purchase of our Magic Margarita, $2 will go directly to Geaux Pink!  Watch this unique cocktail change in front of your eyes, all the while helping the cause.

Magic Margarita

And if you ever have any questions make sure to find us on Instagram and Facebook! We will be painting our social media pink so we should be fairly easily to spot.



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