All American BBQ at TJ Ribs

American Barbecue as we know if today, originated in the South. From Central Texas to Memphis, each region has its own Barbecue identity—unique preparations, cooking methods and sauces that give each style very unique characteristics and flavors. TJ Ribs is proud to carry on the traditions of southern barbecue by combining the best recipes and techniques to provide our customers with Legendary Louisiana Barbecue.

Memphis BBQ

Home of Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, Memphis known the world over for its “dry” and “wet” pork ribs served with a tomato-based barbecue sauce. Pulled pork shoulder is another Memphis tradition.

Central Texas BBQ

Central Texas barbecue derived from the butchering and smoking techniques brought to Texas by  German and Czech immigrants in the late 19th century. Beef brisket is king in Texas — smoked over oak wood to mouth-watering tenderness.

North Carolina  BBQ

North Carolina has two barbecue pork styles. The Eastern Style features chopped whole-hog barbecue served with a spicey vinegar and pepper sauce. To the west, the Piedmont style (Lexington) takes the eastern vinegar base and adds tomatoes. Caramelized pork shoulders are more popular in western North Carolina.

South Carolina  BBQ

Whole hog barbecue is served with a bold mustard-based sauce in much of South Carolina. Known as “Carolina Gold,” the distinct sauce originates from German immigrants. In the southern region of South Carolina, a ketchup-based sauce is popular.

Kansas City  BBQ

This meatpacking hub is known for cooking a variety of meats slow and low, usually with hickory wood. The Kansas City barbecue style features a thick, sweet tomato-based sauce with notes of molasses, brown sugar and Worcestershire — by far the most popular barbecue sauce in America.

The BBQ evolution at TJ Ribs featuring new, enhanced smoked meats.

The BBQ industry has changed a lot since TJ Moran opened the doors in 1986. Trends have come and gone, cooking techniques have been refined, and smokers have improved. TJ Ribs has evolved with the times, while never losing sight of our BBQ roots. Yes, the world of BBQ is trendy and things change, but good food is good food.

Brisket has become a popular trend in recent years. To focus more on brisket and to enhance our BBQ overall, we’ve updated our smokers and consulted with expert pit master, David Klose. To achieve optimal flavor and tenderness, we’ve moved to an extremely labor-intensive wood flame process. We’ve also sourced ideal briskets hand cut to our exact specifications. And let’s not forget about the TJ Ribs secret BBQ seasoning, a Memphis in May champion recipe.  

We’ve changed up our menu to offer more varieties of BBQ meats.  Customers can now order individual BBQ for more convenience — not as many set combinations, just the meats guests crave. A few new twists to the menu include smoked turkey and Louisiana boudin balls. We’ve kept the menu classics that put TJ Ribs on the map, so customers can still enjoy their favorite items. 

Our goal with these changes is to stay true to TJ’s original vision – to be Louisiana’s best BBQ restaurant. 

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